Moon Chapters is a holistic, spiritual, artistic website. We are called Moon Chapters simply because we feel that like the moon we also have a-lot of phases that we want to go through with you in order to grow. In each phase of the moon comes with a different emotion. On this website we want you to feel and be free. We want you to feel a sense of etherial energy when you visit. We have replaced phase with chapters but none the less they are still the same.


We specialize in organic hair care, art, beads and apparel. all of our hair products are hand made on request. they contain all of the nutrients that your hair needs to thrive and grow. our jewelry and beads are spiritual crystals used for meditation and healing. costumers are able to customize the beads based on their zodiac. the shirts that we sell also give you a way to show off your style, whether a witch or for blm movement. 


All this and more with just a click away. take an experience chapter to chapter exploring the website figuring out which chapter your at in your life.